July 6, 2019
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Aswan, Egypt

Aswan Egypt a highlight of Egypt and reason alone to pay a visit to Egypt- Aswan Egypt is the finest place to go sailing on the Nile-Aswan Egypt was once one of the most important cities in Egypt

The Greek word Syene stems from the ancient Egyptians Sweet, meaning-making business or trade. An herein lies the character of Aswan Egypt. It has been a flourishing borderline market for thousands of years, the link between two cultures the Egyptian and Nubian.

The surrounding land was rich in building materials, the Aswan Egypt quarries were the source of fine and coarse quality granite from whence builders and sculptors throughout ancient Egyptian history drew their supplies. Quartz which was used for polishing stones was mined from the western desert. In the western desert, there were iron mines where red ochre was extracted. And the largest sandstone quarry was situated in Silsilla, further northward.

The elephantine island was known as elephant island. It commanded the Nile cataract that formed a natural boundary to the south. These great granite toothed boulders had been tugged and torn from the mother rock by countless flood and lay like huge obstacles on the river bed. At the low Nile, a sluggish river would wind a sinuous 6-kilometer descent from the island of Hesseh to Aswan.

Confined by mountain ranges on each side of the valley, the river would dance or whip around the granite obstructions. Fed by the monsoons on the Ethiopian tableland, the Nile would continue to rise, until reeling and roaring in agony to find an outlet, it would hurl into channels of Aswan.

Aswan, a town on the northern border of Nubia, lay on the route between Egypt and southern territories along which ivory, gold, slaves and exotic animals passed into Egypt. It has recently regained prime status with the development of iron foundation and aluminum mining in the area and the construction of the High Dam

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