The White & The Black Desert

The white and black deserts are found in the Bahariya Oasis, and the most important thing that distinguishes them is the beautiful rock forms, some of which are in the form of mushrooms and the other in the form of a chicken, as well as a rabbit and the shape of the Sphinx. The trip is including the Tickets for visits, desert camp, meals, transportation and guidance by. the cost of this trip is 500 US dollars.

All about the The white & the black desert.

The White Desert and the Black Desert in Bahariya Oasis are among the most beautiful places in the world, where the rocks include wonderful shapes, in addition to the eyes of cold and hot water, as well as high mountains.


  • The guiding
  • The desert camp
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Tickets
  • Jeeb car
  • tips
  • drinks
  • things not mentioned in the itinerary.


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